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Tropical Fishroom

Tasmanian Local

Kings Of The Aquarium provides the highest quality freshwater tropical fish Australia wide. Our fish room has hundreds of different species of fish, each one carefully selected to ensure the best possible quality for our customers.

In addition, we also provide helpful and informative information and advice on how to care for our tropical fish, from tank setups to maintenance and feeding. We’re passionate about the wellbeing of our customers and their fish we strive to provide the best quality and service possible.

If there's anything more, we can assist you with or if you'd like to preview our selection of fish through images or videos before making a purchase, we're happy to provide them. In the case of out-of-stock items or if you're interested in a specific fish or a special order, please don't hesitate to make a request. If a product is currently unavailable, we can certainly arrange to restock it. Simply click the "Notify when available" button and enter your email or fill out our contact us form, and we'll ensure to accommodate your request.

Happy fish keeping

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