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Clown Pleco – L104

Also known as the Ringlet Pleco or Maccus, the Clown Pleco Catfish originates from the tannic Apuré and Caroní River basins of Venezuela. They can be distinguished from other species of loricariid by their striped pattern that will appear wavy or as straight bars depending on whether the fish is from southern Venezuela or more north west respectively. Easy to keep, Clown Plecos are happiest in home aquariums with plenty of driftwood and good filtration systems to account for the large amount of waste they produce.

Species – Dekeyseria pulchra L104

Common Name – Clown Pleco

Origin – Rio Araguaya, affluent of Tocantins, Amazon system, Arunana, Goias, Brazil

Diet – Omnivorous

PH Range – 6.5 – 7.5

Temperature – Tropical 24-29°c

Breed Type – egg layer

Max Size – approximately 10cm

Sex – Un-sexed

L104 Clown Pleco

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