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White Cloud Mountain Minnow


The White Cloud Mountain Minnow, scientifically known as Tanichthys micagemmae, has been identified in limited native populations in isolated regions of the coastal province of Guangdong and Hainan Island in China, as well as in Quảng Ninh province in Vietnam. This species remains exceedingly rare in the wild, and it is categorized as an endangered species in China. Ongoing initiatives are focused on reintroducing captive-bred populations into their natural habitat.


Currently, all White Cloud Mountain Minnows available in the aquarium trade are bred in captivity.

For optimal well-being, it is advisable to keep White Cloud Mountain Minnows in substantial schools, ideally consisting of at least half a dozen individuals. When kept alone, they may lose their vibrant colors and tend to hide. They coexist peacefully with other small, tranquil fish but should be kept away from larger or aggressive species, as they may become targets for predation. While often sold as companions for Goldfish due to similar temperature preferences, it is not recommended to house them together, as Goldfish may prey on White Cloud Mountain Minnows.


This fish species is well-suited for novice aquarists, displaying hardiness and adaptability. While not demanding in terms of water quality, White Clouds are sensitive to high temperatures and thrive in the 18–26°C range. Exposure to consistently higher temperatures, above 26°C, can shorten their lifespan. It is noteworthy that they exhibit more vibrant colors in slightly cooler water compared to the typical tropical aquarium temperature of 26°C.

Creating an ideal tank environment involves using a fine, dark-colored substrate with ample vegetation, rocks, and driftwood. Leave open areas for swimming and provide subdued lighting to accentuate their colors. Water hardness and pH are not critical but should be within reasonable ranges, avoiding extremes. Care should be taken to avoid medications containing copper, as White Cloud Mountain Minnows are highly sensitive to it.


Beyond aquariums, White Cloud Mountain Minnows are sometimes introduced to ponds to help control mosquito breeding. However, they should not cohabitate with large pond fish, as they are susceptible to predation. They make excellent companions for frogs.

White Cloud Mountain Minnows are omnivorous and consume various food types, including live, frozen, and flake options. In their natural habitat, they have a particular fondness for insect-based diets, such as mosquito larvae, daphnia, and shrimp. A well-rounded diet should include a mix of dry and frozen foods, with occasional live offerings.


Determining the sex of White Clouds can be challenging, as the differences are subtle. Males are slender and boast more vibrant colors than females. Females ready to spawn exhibit a fuller abdomen. These minnows typically reach sexual maturity between 6 months and 1 year of age, with males engaging in displays against each other when mature, showcasing their colorful fins in hopes of attracting a female.


Species: Tanichthys micagemmae
Common Name: White Cloud Mountain Minnow
Origin: Guangdong and Hainan Island in China, as well as in Quảng Ninh province in Vietnam.
Diet: Omnivorous
pH Range: 6.5 – 7
Temperature: Tropical 16°C – 26°C
Breed Type: Egg scatterers
Current Size: Approximately 2.5 (Grows up to approximately 4cm)
Sex: Un-sexed

White Cloud Mountain Minnow

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