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Tailbar Cichlid (Vieja hartwegi)

These freshwater fish typically inhabit the lower to middle river valleys and lakes with slow-moving water. They are often found over various substrates such as rocks, silt, sand, or mud, and tend to hide amidst root tangles. Vieja hartwegi was first described by Taylor and Miller in 1980.

An intriguing aspect of these fish is their polymorphic nature, meaning they exist in two distinct forms based on morphological data. The first form, known as the typical morph, features a moderately deep, somewhat elongated body shape with a mid-lateral band.

The other form, known as the rheophilic form, was recently discovered in the upper reaches of the Grijalva River basin in Mexico. In this form, they exhibit an elongated and slightly deep body shape, with no presence of a mid-lateral band.

Species: Vieja hartwegi

Common Name: Tailbar Cichlid

Origin: Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico

Diet: Omnivorous

pH Range: 6 – 8

Temperature: Tropical, between 21°C – 28°C

Breed Type: Egg Layer

Maximum Size: Approximately 30cm

Sex: Un-sexed

Tailbar Cichlid (Vieja Hartwegi)

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