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Step into the serene world of aquariums with the delightful Salt and Pepper Cory. Whether you're a novice enthusiast or an experienced aquarist, this diminutive catfish brings tranquility and grace to your aquatic sanctuary.

Species Spotlight: The Salt and Pepper Cory

Scientific Marvel: Known scientifically as Corydoras habrosus, this fish boasts a modest size of merely 2 cm. Originating from the calm waters of South America, it naturally gravitates towards plant-rich environments and soft substrates, mirroring its native habitat.

Dietary Habits & Environmental Needs

Versatility Unleashed: Adaptable to a range of water conditions, this cory thrives in temperatures hovering in the high 70s F.

Omnivorous Feast: Displaying an indiscriminate scavenging nature, its culinary preferences encompass settled pellets to small aquatic organisms.

Key Characteristics of Pygmy Cories

Origin: Hailing from the serene aquatic realms of South America.

Temperature Affinity: Prefers tropical warmth, ideally between 23°C to 26°C.

Size Dynamics: Charms with its compact size of 2cm.

Breed Details: Proficient in the art of egg-laying.

Adding Aesthetic & Peace to Your Tank

Beyond its radiant beauty, the Salt and Pepper Cory contributes adaptability, effortlessly fitting into various aquarium conditions. Its composed demeanor, graceful movements, and harmonious presence make it a top choice for community tanks. Elevate your aquarium experience with the peaceful elegance of this graceful swimmer!

Pygmy Salt & Pepper Corydoras

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