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Northern Purple Spotted Gudgeon

Mogurnda mogurnda


Natural Range


The Northern Purple Spotted Gudgeon occurs in Australia across the northwest near Arnhem Land and the Kimberley towards the Gulf of Carpentaria. They inhabit billabongs, wetlands and other areas of slow-moving water.

Maximum size and Longevity

These fish can grow to about 20cm and live to between 4 and 7 years old if kept in the right conditions.

Water Quality  Temperature 22 to 27°C  pH 7.0 to 7.5  General hardness 50 to 150ppm


Feeding Purple Spotted Gudgeons are predatory by nature and will eat earth worms, most frozen foods and can be trained on to some dry foods. 



Although they are a relatively peaceful fish and get along with most fish species, they can be aggressive and territorial particularly when breeding. They can be kept together with most non aggressive fish that are large enough not to be eaten.


Colour and Varieties

These gudgeons are a cylinder shaped fish with a large head and mouth. The colours on the fish range from a light brown to yellow when in breeding season with bright purple to red spots spaced out across the body; these colours intensify during breeding seasons. The tail, anal and dorsal fins are coloured yellow with orange and red spots. This species is sometimes confused with its smaller southern cousin the Purple-Spotted Gudgeon (Mogurnda adspera)



Sexing these fish is difficult as the males and females look very alike. There is a slight difference in the size and shape of the head of the male. Males also grow a little larger than the females. General Information The males will guard and fan the eggs after the female lays them. They are amazing jumpers so a tight fitting lid on the aquarium is suggested. They are a colourful addition to a native community aquarium with compatible species. 

Northern Purple Spotted Gudgeon

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