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The Northern Longnose Cory Catfish (Corydoras septentrionalis) is a relatively rare species hailing from Venezuela, possibly extending to other regions of the Rio Orinico. Distinguished by its unique features, including iridescent blue-green accents across its body and an elongated snout compared to most Corydoras species, this catfish has recently achieved successful commercial breeding, and we are delighted to offer it.

Peaceful and known for its schooling behavior, the Northern Longnose Catfish coexists harmoniously with various nano aquarium inhabitants, such as dwarf cichlids and angelfish. While it may prey on smaller dwarf shrimp, larger shrimp and most other tranquil ornamental invertebrates are generally safe. As a classic scavenger, it habitually roams and feeds on the aquarium floor, favoring a substrate of sand or smooth gravel. Avoiding very coarse substrate is essential to prevent damage to its delicate barbels and underbelly.

The Northern Longnose Cory is undemanding in terms of diet, accepting a range of dry, frozen, and live foods. It adapts well to typical tropical freshwater conditions, provided regular maintenance is maintained, and abrupt changes are avoided. Despite its scavenging nature, it's crucial to offer a diverse and high-quality diet, ensuring it receives more than just leftover food ignored by other fish.


Species: Corydoras septentrionalis

Common Name: Northern Longnose Cory Catfish
Origin: South America
Diet: Omnivore
PH Range: 5.8 – 7
Temperature: Tropical 22°C – 26°C
Breed Type: Egg Layer
Maximum Size: Approximately 6cm
Sex: Un-sexed

Northern Long Nose Corydoras

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