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The Saddleback Hillstream Loach (Homaloptera orthogoniata) is a rare and captivating species native to Malaysian and Indonesian Borneo. Renowned for its stunning multi-colored brown, tan, and red hues, this peaceful fish is an excellent choice for mature subtropical and tropical aquariums, thriving as an algae and biofilm grazer.

Maintaining an aquarium with heavy water flow (10-15x turnover per hour) and pristine, clear water is crucial for the Saddleback Hillstream Loach. Its origin in shallow, clear, fast-flowing waters emphasizes its sensitivity to water quality changes, demanding regular maintenance and optimal oxygen levels.

In its natural habitat, the Saddleback Hillstream Loach primarily grazes on biofilm and algae while occasionally consuming small crustaceans and invertebrates. Although it may accept frozen meaty foods and high-quality dry foods rich in plant matter, a consistent supply of biofilm and algae in the aquarium is essential for long-term health.

This species coexists well with a variety of tankmates, including small rasboras, tetras, hillstream loaches, gobies, and other peaceful small fish. Compatibility extends to smaller freshwater goby species, while caution is advised with dwarf shrimp due to size differences. Peaceful bottom-dwelling fish can also share the tank, ensuring they don't outcompete the Saddleback Hillstream Loach for food.

Limited information is available on the breeding habits of the Saddleback Hillstream Loach, but with advancements in breeding other loach species, successful breeding in the aquarium setting is a possibility.


- Species: Homaloptera orthogoniata
- Common Names: Red Lizard Loach, Saddleback Hillstream Loach
- Origin: Indonesia
- Diet: Carnivorous
- pH Range: 6-7.8
- Temperature: Tropical 24°C-29°C
- Breed Type: Egg Layer
- Max Size: Approximately 10cm
- Sex: Un-sexed

Lizard Loach

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