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L202 Panaqolus sp. L-Number Catfish Originate from Amazon, Lower Amazon. They are a beautiful catfish with striking red/orange bands and lines that run up their head and will eat a variety of commercial algae / wood foods and fresh vegetables and wood should also be available in their tank as a food.


  • Species – Peckoltia Lineola
  • Common Name – L202 Leopard Frog Pleco
  • Origin – Rio Araguaya, affluent of Tocantins, Amazon system, Arunana, Goias, Brazil
  • Diet – Omnivorous
  • PH Range – Alkaline 6.5 – 7.5
  • Temperature – Tropical 24-29°c
  • Breed Type – egg layer
  • Max Size – approximately 10cm
  • Sex – Un-sexed

L202 Peckoltia Lineola Pleco

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