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Hyrtle's Catfish is a small, silvery tan eel-tail catfish with yellow fins, scientifically known as Neosilurus hyrtlii. These fish are known for their schooling behavior and carnivorous diet, primarily feeding on small insects and crustaceans in the wild. In captivity, they thrive on a diet that includes insects such as blood worms, chopped prawns, and earthworms. Maintaining a small group in a planted aquarium at least 90cm wide makes for an impressive display. Although they have been reported to spawn in aquaria, there is no record of raising fry from natural spawning, but successful hormone-induced spawning has been documented by Bruce Samble.

Hyrtle's Catfish have wide tolerances for water quality, surviving in temperatures between 10°C and 36°C, with an optimal range between 20°C and 30°C. They can thrive in pH levels from 5 to 9.7 and are adaptable to both soft and hard water, as well as clear or turbid conditions. They are also beneficial for snail control in aquariums, as they will consume small snails.


Distribution: Hyrtle's Catfish is found in tropical rivers from the Ashburton River in Western Australia across the top of Australia to the Mary River in Queensland. They are also present in central areas of Australia, including the Finke River in the Northern Territory and Lake Eyre.


Species: Neosilurus hyrtlii
Common Name: Hyrtle's Catfish 
Origin: Tropical rivers across the top of Australia, central Australia (Finke River, Lake Eyre)
Diet: Carnivorous
PH Range: 5.0-9.7
Temperature: 20-30°C (survives between 10-36°C)
Breed Type: Hormone-induced spawning documented
Current Size: Approximately 5cm (grows larger in suitable conditions)
Sex: Un-sexed


Hyrtle's Catfish

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