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The Flame Tetra is a species often overlooked, yet it boasts remarkable characteristics that make it a valuable addition to any aquarium. Small, active, and known for its fantastic schooling behavior, this tetra's peaceful nature makes it an ideal choice for community tanks or biotope setups. When kept in large groups of 20 or more, their tight swimming formations create a captivating display.


Juvenile Flame Tetras may appear rather bland, leading to their underrepresentation in aquarium stores. However, as they mature, their true beauty emerges. Sporting a stunning rusty, fire-orange coloration, with a powder blue sheen along the dorsal fin to the tail, these tetras captivate with their vibrant hues. A bright gold color adorns the front of their bodies, accentuating their appearance.

Breeding Flame Tetras follows a pattern similar to other tetra species and can be relatively simple. Providing a separate breeding tank equipped with fine-leaved plants or a spawning mop encourages females to scatter their eggs. The male fertilizes the eggs, but neither parent offers protection to the eggs or fry. To prevent adult fish from consuming the eggs or fry, it is crucial to remove them after spawning.

In summary, the Flame Tetra may start as humble juveniles, but they mature into stunning fish that contribute vibrancy and life to any aquarium.


  • Species – Hyphessobrycon Flammeus
  • Common Name – Golden Flame Tetra
  • Origin – hayeria boehlkei is a species of characin fish endemic to the Amazon river basin and Araguaia river, in Peru and Brazil
  • Diet – Omnivore
  • PH Range – 6 – 7.5
  • Temperature – Tropical 24-28°c
  • Breed Type – egg layer
  • Current Size – approximately 2.5cm (Grows to approximately 4cm)
  • Sex – Un-sexed

Gold Flame Tetra

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