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The Gold Ram, a selectively bred variant of the Ram Cichlid, originates from the Orinoco River basin in South America, particularly in the Llanos of Venezuela and Colombia. In the central Orinoco drainage, the "Llanos" refers to the savannah grasslands where these fish thrive. They inhabit streams, pools, and ponds with sandy or muddy bottoms and some vegetation, where they sift through the substrate for plant material and small organisms while also feeding on surface and water column dwellers.

Renowned for their ease of care, vibrant colors, and peaceful demeanor, Ram Cichlids are considered one of the best "beginner" cichlids in the hobby. They are hearty eaters, accepting a wide range of foods, and have relatively undemanding water requirements, although they are sensitive to abrupt changes in water conditions. While they are generally easy to breed, raising the fry can be challenging.

As omnivores, Gold Rams thrive on a diet consisting of frozen meaty foods like brine shrimp and bloodworms in addition to quality flakes and pellets enriched with vitamins and supplements. It's recommended to feed them 2 to 5 small pinches of food daily, divided into smaller portions to maintain water quality.


Species: Microgeophagus ramirezi
Common Name: Gold Ram
Origin: South America
Diet: Omnivore
pH Range: 6 – 7.5
Temperature: Tropical 26°C – 29°C
Breed Type: Egg Layer
Current Size: Approximately 3.5cm (Grows to approximately 5cm)
Sex: Un-sexed

Gold Ram

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