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The Gold Dust Eartheater, also known as Geophagus sp. Alto Sinu, requires a sandy substrate due to its earth-eating behavior. This Colombian species, widely bred in farms globally, boasts stunning scale patterns with blue iridescence overlaying a golden body, earning it the nickname "Gold Dust." Regarded as one of the most aesthetically pleasing Geophagus varieties in the hobby, it shares behavioral traits and a similar maximum size with the Red Head Tapajos, making it an appealing choice as a tankmate for medium-sized cichlids and characins.

Species: Geophagus / alto sinu

Common Name: Gold Dust Eartheater

Origin: Amazon River basin of South America

Diet: Omnivorous

pH Range: 5.5-6.5

Temperature: Tropical, between 24–29°C

Breed Type: Egg layer

Max Size: 15cm

Sex: Un-sexed

Geophagus Gold Dust

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