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The Green Horseface Eartheater, scientifically known as Geophagus or Satanoperca jurapari, is a captivating species hailing from the Amazon River basin in South America. With its streamlined body shape and silvery blue-grey coloration, this Satanoperca species stands out in any aquarium.


Distinctive Features:

  • Body Coloration: The Green Horseface Eartheater typically displays a silvery blue-grey hue, often with faint horizontal bands or vertical lateral bars, sometimes forming a Y shape, depending on mood. There may be a small black spot on the upper caudal peduncle.
  • Head Ornamentation: The head area, from the mouth to the back of the gill plates, is adorned with numerous small whitish or iridescent bluish spots, often against a reddish background. These spots extend along the back immediately below the dorsal fin.
  • Dorsal Fin: The tips of the dorsal fin spines are black, adding to the fish's striking appearance.

Care Requirements:

  • Diet: As an omnivore, the Green Horseface Eartheater accepts a varied diet consisting of live, prepared, frozen, or freeze-dried foods. Offer a mix of protein-rich and plant-based foods to ensure optimal nutrition.
  • Water Parameters: Maintain water conditions within a pH range of 5.5-6.5 and a temperature range of 24–29°C, mimicking the natural habitat of the species.
  • Tank Setup: Provide ample space and hiding spots in the aquarium, along with a sandy substrate to accommodate the fish's natural behavior. Live plants and driftwood can be included, but be mindful that the Green Horseface Eartheater may dig and rearrange the substrate.
  • Compatibility: While generally peaceful, monitor interactions with tank mates, especially during breeding periods when aggression may increase. Compatible tank mates should be chosen, preferably of similar size and temperament.



  • Species: Geophagus / Satanoperca jurapari
  • Common Name: Demon Eartheater Fish, Green Horseface Cichlid
  • Origin: Amazon River basin of South America
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • pH Range: 5.5-6.5
  • Temperature: Tropical 24–29°C
  • Breed Type: Egg layer
  • Max Size: 15cm
  • Sex: Un-sexed

Geophagus Green Horseface

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