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The Flagtail Prochilodus, also known as Semaprochilodus insignis, boasts a broad distribution across the central and western regions of the Amazon river and its tributaries. This captivating characin species grows to a considerable size and necessitates a spacious aquarium right from the start.

While it can coexist safely with other medium-sized fish species like similar-sized characins, knifefish, L-number plecos, and peaceful cichlids, it tends to display aggression towards its own kind. Thus, it's advisable to keep them singly or in groups of six or more to disperse any aggression within the shoal.

Sensitive to its environment, the Flagtail Prochilodus thrives in a biologically mature aquarium with regular partial water changes. Providing them with a sandy substrate, river rocks, and driftwood for hiding is essential. Although they typically consume most plants, some aquarists have success with Java fern or tough-leaved plants like certain Anubias species, or opt for plastic or silk plants.

These fish are avid jumpers, necessitating tight-fitting cover slides. In terms of feeding, they are omnivorous with a preference for vegetable matter. Offer a varied diet including flakes, pellets, algae wafers, and a selection of vegetables, along with frozen foods such as mosquito larvae and brine shrimp.


Species: Semaprochilodus insignis  
Common Name: Yellow Flagtail  
Origin: Brazil  
Diet: Omnivore  
pH Range: 6 – 7.5  

Temperature: Tropical, 24-28°C  
Breed Type: Egg layer  
Maximum Size: Approximately 35cm  
Sex: Un-sexed

Flagtail Prochilodus (Yellow Finned)

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