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Rasbora – Maculata Dwarf Spotted Red Rasbora (Boraras maculatus)


Rasboras, members of the minnow family, are freshwater tropical fish originating from Asia, particularly Southeast Asia. Known for their hardiness, they thrive in aquariums, especially when housed in schools of five or more. Ideally, Rasboras should inhabit tropical tanks of at least 40 liters, maintained at temperatures of 25-27°C, with a pH range of 6.3-7.0 and KH of 5.

Compatible tankmates for Rasboras include various species of barbs, tetras, corydoras, gouramis, and other community fish that flourish in tropical environments. Being omnivores, Rasboras readily consume flake foods such as Sera Vipan and pellets like Hikari Micro Wafers. However, it's beneficial to supplement their diet with small foods such as frozen brine shrimp or bloodworms.

Species: Boraras maculatus
Common Name: Dwarf Rasbora
Origin: Southeast Asia
Diet: Omnivorous
pH Range: 6.8 – 7.5
Temperature: Tropical 23°C – 28°C
Breed Type: Egg Layer
Max Size: Approximately 2.5cm
Sex: Un-sexed

Dwarf Spotted Rasbora (Maculata)

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