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If you've ever laid eyes on a school of clown loaches, it's hard to resist adding a couple to your aquarium. Surprisingly, in Indonesia and Borneo, this beautiful fish is consumed as a food source, growing to over a foot in length. Thankfully, in the aquarium hobbyist community, the clown loach is cherished as a staple in community tanks rather than a dining table dish. Its striking orange and black stripes, vibrant red fins, and lively behavior have earned it a top spot among loach enthusiasts.

The clown loach is a beloved choice for freshwater hobbyists due to its peaceful nature, making it compatible with a wide range of tankmates. Its daytime activity and entertaining feeding habits, including the consumption of pesky snails, add to its charm. Despite being referred to as a scaleless fish, the clown loach does possess small scales embedded in its skin.


Species – Botia macracantha
Common Name – Clown Loach
Origin – Indonesia
Diet – Carnivorous
PH Range – 6 – 7.8
Temperature – Tropical 24°C – 30°C
Breed Type – Egg Layer
Current Size – Approximately 7cm (Grows to approximately 30cm)
Sex – Un-sexed

Clown Loach

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