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The vibrant stripes and diminutive size of the clown killie make it an ideal choice for smaller aquarium setups. Here, an experienced aquarist imparts essential insights into caring for this species, covering maintenance and breeding.

Resembling a miniature pike in overall shape, clown killies boast a torpedo-shaped body with a roundish head and an upturned mouth. The dorsal fin is situated towards the rear of the body, starting just above the last rays of the anal fin. The caudal fin is spade-shaped, and in adults, the central rays are elongated. Males typically exhibit central rays nearly as long as the rest of the caudal rays, while females generally have central rays extending only slightly beyond the rest.

The moniker "clown killie" stems from their vivid, almost flamboyant coloration, reminiscent of clown makeup. The coloration is variable, sparking debates among killie enthusiasts, with some attributing it to different geographical locations and others emphasizing variability even within broods from the same parent group.

Housing these fish is uncomplicated. Given their preference for calm water, filtration is optional and, in fact, better avoided. A recommended setup involves a planted tank with ample floating plants on the surface.

Common Name:Clown Killie Panchax  
Origin: Western Africa  
Diet: Carnivorous  
pH Range: 4 – 7  
Temperature: Tropical 26°C – 28°C  
Breed Type:Egg Layer  
Current Size: Approximately 2cm (Grows to approximately 4cm)  

Clown Killie Panchax Killifish

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