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Bumblebee Cory (Corydoras reynoldsi)


Discover the allure of the Bumblebee Cory, a fish that brings a lively, vibrant touch to any aquarium with its striking patterns reminiscent of a bumblebee.

Natural Habitat:


Origin: Native to the serene waterways of South America.

Aquatic Settings: In the wild, the Bumblebee Cory navigates calm waters, thriving among leaf litter and soft substrates.

Distinctive Features:


Bumblebee Patterns: This Cory is instantly recognizable by its contrasting yellow and black bands, much like a bumblebee.

Size and Build: Small yet sturdy, the Bumblebee Cory is both robust and enduring.

Care & Maintenance:


Substrate: Soft sand is ideal, protecting their delicate barbels and mimicking their natural environment.

Water Maintenance: Maintain clean, moderately acidic water with regular changes to ensure their health.

Aquascape: Incorporate driftwood, caves, and aquatic plants to recreate their natural habitat, providing hiding spots and a comfortable environment.

Diet & Feeding:


Diet: As omnivores, they thrive on a varied diet of quality pellets, fresh vegetables, and occasional live or frozen foods.

Feeding Schedule: Consistent feeding helps maintain their health and vibrant coloration.

Tank Companions:

For a harmonious tank, consider peaceful tankmates such as:

  • Dwarf Cichlids
  • Tetras
  • Rasboras

These companions ensure a lively and peaceful aquarium environment.


Bumblebee Cory Specs:

  • Temperature: Prefer a tropical climate, ideally between 22°C – 27°C.
  • Breeding: Egg depositors.
  • Gender: Often available as unsexed in the market.



Add the vibrant Bumblebee Cory (Corydoras reynoldsi) to your aquarium and enjoy its lively presence. Their beauty, calm nature, and interactive behavior make them a delightful addition for any aquarist.


Bumblebee Corydoras (Reynoldsi)

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