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The Spotted Borneo Sucker is a captivating freshwater loach originating from shallow, clear, fast-flowing waters in Western Borneo. This species proves to be a valuable addition to community aquariums, offering an intriguing presence as well as serving as an efficient scavenger. To ensure their well-being, it's essential to maintain well-aerated aquariums with good water movement, preferably using a powerhead or filter. A temperature range of 20-25°C is recommended to optimize dissolved oxygen levels, a crucial factor for their care.

Their diet should include sinking dried foods, supplemented with regular servings of live or frozen daphnia, brine shrimp, or bloodworms. The presence of algae is vital for their health, so the aquarium should feature ample rock, wood, and surfaces to encourage algae growth.

The Spotted Borneo Sucker is a highly social species, particularly in adulthood, making it suitable for group keeping. Compatible tankmates include small rasboras, tetras, hillstream loaches, gobies, and other peaceful small fish. Freshwater gobies that inhabit similar waterways can be ideal companions. Additionally, the Borneo Sucker can coexist with dwarf shrimp, although it may consume some fry. In larger aquariums with lower water flow areas, dwarf shrimp make excellent tankmates. Peaceful bottom-dwelling fish are also an option, ensuring careful monitoring to prevent food competition.


- Species: Gastromyzon punctulatus
- Common Names: Borneo Sucker, Hillstream Loach, Myer’s Hillstream Loach, Butterfly Pleco, Chinese Hillstream Loach
- Origin: Malaysian
- Diet: Carnivorous
- pH Range: 6-7.5
- Temperature: Tropical 20°C-25°C
- Breed Type: Egg Layer
- Current Size: Approximately 3-4cm (Grows to approximately 6cm)
- Sex: Un-sexed

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