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The Archocentrus spilurum, commonly known as the Blue-Eye Cichlid or Spilurum, is a species native to northern Central America, ranging from Belize to Nicaragua. Formerly classified under various genera like Cichlasoma and Hericthys, this adaptable fish prefers lakes and rivers along the Atlantic slope, particularly in shallows with sand, mud, or rock bottoms, favoring slow-moving waters found in lower river valleys. In aquariums, it demonstrates relative peacefulness and is undemanding regarding water conditions and temperature.

Male Blue-Eye Cichlids can grow up to 7 ½ inches, while females typically stay somewhat smaller. Breeding can commence at smaller sizes, and some individuals may never reach the maximum length. Characterized by a deep body structure, males develop a distinctive hump on the head as they age. The primary body color ranges from olive-green to yellowish-brown, with both sexes displaying a golden yellow hue from the mouth to the belly. The dorsal and tail fins exhibit vivid red coloration with blue spangling. Males, more colorful than females, have long, pointed dorsal and anal fins. Females feature vertical bars along their sides, one extending into a dark spot near the dorsal fin.


  • Species – Cryptoheros spilurus / spilurum
  • Common Name – Blue Eye Cichlid
  • Origin – Southern Mexico and Guatemala in lakes and creeks
  • Diet – Omnivores
  • PH Range – 7 – 8
  • Temperature – Tropical 26°c – 30°c
  • Breed Type – Egg Layer
  • Maximum Size – approximately 12cm
  • Sex – Un-sexed

Blue Eye Cichlid

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