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The Haitian cichlid, also known as "black nasty," is a large and striking cichlid originating from Haiti, thriving in both rivers and lakes. Renowned for its aggressive nature, it is considered one of the most belligerent cichlids globally, often surpassing the aggression levels of Jaguar and Dovii cichlids. While commonly kept as a solitary fish, its true magnificence is revealed when housed alongside equally large and assertive companions, necessitating an expansive aquarium, though this may not be feasible for everyone.

Certain specimens of this species exhibit extreme aggression, capable of attacking tank mates even twice or three times their size, including formidable species like Jaguar and Dovii cichlids. Mitigating this aggression involves strategic aquarium decoration, incorporating hiding spots and establishing natural territorial boundaries.

The rarity of the Haitian cichlid in the trade is unfortunate, given its appeal for those with sufficiently large tanks.

Due to its substantial size, the Haitian cichlid requires a spacious aquarium, with a minimum recommended size of 400L / 105 gallons. Larger tanks are advisable for those aiming to house multiple Haitian cichlids or keep them alongside other species.

Aquarium decor should prioritize the creation of natural territorial divisions, minimizing stress and enabling the formation of distinct territories. Rocks and driftwood can be used, along with appropriately sized hiding spots for the cichlids. While plants are not essential and are often consumed, hardy options like java fern and crinum can be considered. Creating obstructions in the tank to limit direct lines of sight helps reduce aggression.

Effective filtration and aeration are crucial due to the substantial waste production of large cichlids. The species thrives in medium-hard water conditions and shows tolerance for varied water parameters, with an ideal temperature range of 73 – 82°F (23.0 – 28.0 °C) and a pH range between 6.0 and 7.5.


Species: Nandopsis haitiensis
Common Name: Black Nasty
Origin: Southern Mexico
Diet: Omnivores
PH Range: 6 – 7
Temperature: Tropical 24°C – 30°C
Breed Type: Egg Layer
Maximum Size: Approximately 35cm
Sex: Un-sexed

Black Nasty Cichlid

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