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Black Diamond Cichlid


The Paratilapia Polleni, also known as the Black Diamond Cichlid or Starry Night Cichlid, is a striking and relatively large cichlid native to Madagascar. Known for its unique appearance and interesting behavior, this species can be a captivating addition to a well-maintained aquarium.


Scientific Name: Paratilapia polleni
Common Names: Polleni, Black Diamond Cichlid, Starry Night Cichlid
Origin: Madagascar
Diet: Omnivore
PH Range: 6.5 – 8
Temperature: Tropical 24–28°C
Breed Type: Egg layer
Current Size: Approximately 5 cm (Grows to approximately 28 cm)
Sex: Un-sexed

Black Diamond Cichlid (Paratilapia Polleni)

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