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The Blackbanded Rainbowfish has a discontinuous distribution across northern Australia, and is found at the eastern Kimberley (Western Australia), the northernmost portion of the Northern Territory (including the offshore Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria), and the northern tip of Cape York Peninsula in Queensland. Here, it inhabits slow-flowing backwaters, billabongs, lily lagoons, rainforest streams, and heavily vegetated swamps. This is a medium-sized, peaceful species that is ideally suited to planted community aquaria. The tank should be as spacious as possible, as these are fairly active fish, and they should be maintained in groups of 6 or more due to their shoaling nature. The juveniles of many rainbowfish species can often look a little drab compared to the adults, and as such are sometimes overlooked in the shops. However, once settled into the security of the planted aquarium, these young specimens will begin to colour up, gradually revealing their stunning adult beauty. Blackbanded Rainbowfish will not bother smaller tankmates, as their mouth/throat is too narrow to be able to swallow them. May also be seen on sale as the Dark Australian Rainbowfish.


Species – Melanotaenia nigrans
Common Name – Blackbanded Rainbowfish
Synonyms – Atherina nigrans
Distribution – Australia
Diet – Flake, granules, and frozen foods
PH Range – 5.5-7.0
Temperature – 23-27°C
Water Parameters – dH: up to 12 degrees
Maximum Size – 10cm (3.9")
Compatibility – Community
Lighting – No special requirements
Sexual Dimorphism – In mature fish, the males are often more colourful, and the females fuller bodied.
Current Size – approximately 5cm (Grows to approximately 10cm)
Sex – Un-sexed


Black Banded Rainbowfish

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