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The Bandit or Geayi Cichlid, a medium-growing species native to the soft, acidic waters of Guyana and Suriname, earns its moniker from the distinctive stripe covering both eyes. In aquarium settings, these fish exhibit lively behavior, often engaging in sand-sifting through their gills akin to eartheaters. Additionally, they display a penchant for rearranging decor such as plants or leaf litter. Despite their relatively small adult size, they possess a degree of aggression and typically assert themselves well among similar or larger moderate to aggressive cichlids. 

To foster harmonious group dynamics, it's advisable to keep Bandit Cichlids in groups of 5 or more, providing ample space for territories and structure in the form of driftwood, caves, and plants. Their hardy nature and entertaining demeanor make them adaptable to various tank conditions.


Species – Guianacara geayi
Common Name – Bandit Cichlid
Origin – Guyana, Colombia
Diet – Carnivore
pH Range – 6.5 – 8
Temperature – Tropical 21–27°C
Breed Type – Egg layer
Current Size – approximately 6cm (Grows to approximately up to 15cm)
Sex – Un-sexed

Bandit Cichlid

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