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Live Blackworms (25g, 50g, 100g)



Our Live Blackworms are available in 25g, 50g, and 100g packs. For optimal freshness, we pack the worms as orders are placed, ensuring they arrive in the best possible condition.


  • Packaging: Packed in fish bags without water for shipping and in containers for in-store purchases.
  • Shipping: Worms are packed with ice to keep them cool and fresh during transit and sent in small styrophome boxes.


Initial Steps:


  • Empty the container or bag into a bucket or container of cool, aged water.
  • Swirl the water thoroughly by hand to wash the worms. The worms will settle and regroup within a minute.
  • Do not leave worms in the rinse bucket for more than a few minutes. Slowly pour out the water through a fine, net to avoid losing any worms.


  • Feeding: Add a few Live Blackworms to your tank at a time using a plastic Tubifex feeder or just putting them into your tank.
  • Storage: Keep the remaining worms in a container half-filled with water in a refrigerator. Label the container for easy identification.


Maintenance Tips


  • Water Condition: Regularly check the water for cloudiness. If it becomes discoloured or slightly cloudy, change it with water matching the correct quality parameters (temperature, pH, etc.). This will help the worms stay fresh for several weeks.


Water Quality:

  • In some areas, Live Blackworms may survive in straight tap water. However, as a rule of thumb use Aged, Tank, Rain or Dechlorinate Tap Water for storing of your Blackworms, if your fish can't survive in the water, neither will the worms.


By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your Live Blackworms stay healthy and fresh, providing the best nutrition for your aquatic pets.


Protein: 66.5%

Fat: 9.7%

Fibre: 23.8%

Energy: 17.8% Kj/g


Australian Blackworms (Live)

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