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Fungal diseases are common in freshwater fishes and are recognised by white or grey threads on the skin or fins which may thicken until they resemble tufts of cotton wool (pin head size) on the fished body and fins. Unless prompt action is taken fatalities will occur.


Directions for Use:

Do not use on fish intended for human consumption. A partial water change (25% capacity) is recommended before commencing treatment. Ensure aquarium water is well aerated and remove activated carbon from filtration system for the duration of treatment. Activated carbon will remove this product from the aquarium water resulting in ineffective. This product contains a dye product which will stain if spilled.


Dose Rate:

Add 5ml per 20 litres of aquarium water. For Tetra species, baby fish and scaleless fish (loaches, etc). Use at the reduced rate of 5ml per 40 litres of aquarium water. Repeat after 3 days.

TO GIVE NUMBER OF LITRES: To calculate approximate tank capacity multiple length x width x water level height (all in cms) and divide by 1000 or litres.



Dispose of empty container by wrapping with paper and putting in garbage.



Store below 30C (Room Temperature). Replace lid tightly after use.


First Aid Instructions:

For advice, contact the Poisons Information Centre (phone Australia 13 11 26; New Zealand 0800 764 766) or a doctor (at once).

Aquasonic - Fungonex

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