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Aquasonic Bactonex assists in the prevention of bacterial, fungal and protozoal (Velvet, whitespot, chilodonella, Trichodina & Trichodinella) infections in fresh and salt water fish.


When to Use:

  • When water is changed.
  • When new fish are added and in quarantine aquariums.
  • When fish show signs of listlessness or are off feed.


Directions for Use:

Not to be used on fish intended for human consumption. Ensure aquarium water is well aerated during treatment. Do not use activated carbon in the filtration system during treatment as this will remove the product from the aquarium water. If sub-gravel filtration is being used, slow down the flow rates during treatment. This product contains a dye which will stain if spilled.


Dose Rate:

Add 10mL per 40 litres of aquarium water. Repeat after 5 days if necessary. DO NOT OVERDOSE. If improvement does not occur, consult your veterinarian or aquarium dealer.
TO GIVE NUMBER OF LITRES: To calculate approximate tank capacity multiply length x width x water level height (all in cms) and divide by 1000 for litres.


Active constituents:

Each mL of solution contains: 1.66mg Aminacrine hydrochloride and 0.025mg Methylene blue.



Store below 30C (Room Temperature).



Dispose of empty container by wrapping in paper and placing in garbage.



High standards of aquarium management must be maintained to prevent disease, as fish diseases are often management related. Consult your veterinarian or aquarium dealer for accurate diagnosis and advice.

Aquasonic - Bactonex

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