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Scientific name: Apistogramma Sp.Tefe

Origin : Known from The Tefé River (Teffé River / Rio Tefé)  a tributary of the Amazon River (Solimões section) in Amazonas state in north-western Brazil. Not to be confused with Apistogramma Agassizii Tefe which are also from the same river. They can be identified by the zig zag pattern on below the lateral line.


Difficulty in keeping: Easy

Maximum size: 7-9cm Males 5-6 cm Females

Selling size: 3-4 cm and above

Temperature: 26– 29 °C  

pH: 6-7.8 

Diet: Primarily carnivorous and apparently feeds mostly on benthic invertebrates in nature. In the aquarium live and frozen foods such as Brine shrimp, Daphnia and Blackworms should be offered regularly although most specimens will also learn to accept dried alternatives with pelleted products generally preferred to flake.


Apistogramma Sp. Tefe

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