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Apistogrammas and are the type species for the cacatuoides group of Apistogrammas. They are relatively hardy and fairly easy to keep and breed. Not only are they considered a beginners apisto, they are also spectacularly beautiful. Like most dwarf cichlids the male and female are markedly different in appearance.

Males reach about three inches in total length and are very colorful. They usually sport a very high dorsal fin with several very extended rays on the front of the fin. Males also exhibit a strongly lyrate tail and extended ventral fins. Females are much smaller than males, growing to a maximum of 2 inches. They are generally a brownish to dusky yellow color but can be a vibrant yellow during times of brood care.


Common Name – Apisto Cacatuoides

Origin – South America

Diet – Carnivore

PH Range – 6 -7

Temperature – Tropical 22-29°c

Breed Type – Egg Layer

Max Size – approximately 7.5cm

Sex – Pair Male/Female my

Apistogramma Cacatuoides Super Red (Blackwater Aquariums)

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