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The Opal Umbrella Borelli Dwarf Cichlid (Apistogramma borellii “Opal”) is an exceptionally vibrant and colorful species of dwarf cichlid. Males exhibit stunning opal blue bodies with red facial markings and vibrant yellow fins, while females, though less colorful, still possess an appealing appearance and distinct personality.

These cichlids thrive in aquariums with sandy substrates and ample hiding spots like clay pots, driftwood, and rock formations. They are well-suited for planted tanks but also require open spaces. Generally peaceful, they coexist with other peaceful fish given sufficient space, although territorial behavior peaks during spawning. While they may not be compatible with small, delicate invertebrates like dwarf shrimp, larger, more resilient shrimp and snails can potentially serve as suitable tankmates in sufficiently large aquariums. If breeding is desired, it's advisable to minimize tankmates of other species.

Feeding the Opal Umbrella Borelli Dwarf Cichlid is straightforward, as they readily accept high-quality dry, frozen, and live meaty foods. A varied diet ensures their optimal health and vibrant coloration.

Species: Apistogramma Borellii Opal
Common Name: Umbrella Apisto
Origin: South America
Diet: Carnivore
pH Range: 6 - 7
Temperature: Tropical 22-29°C
Breed Type: Egg Layer
Max Size: Approximately 7.5cm
Sex: Unsexed

Apistogramma Borellii Opal

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